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Our team also have unique talents and operate in areas according to their professional qualifications and experience.


Our team includes a Registered Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Registered Psychologists.

We are growing and expanding so keep visiting us to learn more.

Veronica Long

Veronica Long

Veronica is the founding Director of Ashgrove/ Clayfield Counselling Service and has over 20 years experience, both in Australia and internationally, counselling families and couples and in the assessment of children.  Veronica holds a Masters Degree in Guidance & Counselling from The University of Queensland as well as other degrees and qualifications in psychology, psychotherapy and education 

Jenny Collier

Jenny Collier

Jenny was the Principal of Clayfield Counselling Services. Jenny has over 30 years experience in the social welfare field, working with a variety of social welfare organisations including child protection, Oncology, the Qld Aids Council, and the Leukaemia Foundation. Jenny is also an accredited Mediator, however no longer deals with Family Law Mediation.

Anthony Sullivan


Anthony is a hardworking, conscientious and caring counsellor with extensive knowledge and empathy in offering advice, support and guidance to clients who experience hardship and trauma.  He has worked locally and overseas with people from diverse backgrounds and possesses experience with interventions in trauma, abuse and relationship difficulties.


His studies include Psychology and a Degree in Social Work which has enabled him to be effective within challenging environments: most notably, his work with Young People in Youth Detention was complex, demanding and rewarding.  The establishment of strong values in trust and bonding with young people and family members together with informed knowledge of their individual and family difficulties, enabled those Young People and families to work towards positive outcomes.

Our Team

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