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You can receive a Medicare rebate if your GP/Psychiatrist has provided you with a “Mental Health Treatment Plan” and a referral to see a psychologist prior to your first counselling session.  Under the government approved Better Access initiative, eligible clients are entitiled to a rebate through Medicare for a maximum of 10 counselling sessions for psychological treatment per calendar year.  The rebate you will receive through Medicare for each counselling session is about half of the fee.  


If you have Private Health Insurance

(e.g. BUPA or Medibank Private) check with your fund to find out what your entitlements are for psychology and mental health services.  Each psychologist has a provider number with all of the major health funds to enable clients, if eligible, to access rebates for their counselling session.  Rebates may vary from fund to fund.  It is best to check with your fund to see what you are eligible for.  

Please advise our friendly staff prior to booking an appointment if you require a Health Care rebate for counselling services as each person’s situation is different. Depending on the type of service accessed and your personal circumstances you may be eligible for a Private Health Care Rebate from your Health Care Fund. Some services receive a Medicare rebate.


It is also important to consider the true value of our expert services to your relationship, your family and your own well-being. Our primary aim is to provide the very best in excellence and work with you to achieve lasting satisfaction and happiness in your life. 



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