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Who are our clients?

Our clients come from a range of professions and lifestyles and at ACCS we really listen to you and respect your values, life experiences and feelings. For us respect means we take the time to understand your unique self and what you would like to work on in your life. We ask about your preferences. We don’t apply a formula or believe everyone is the same but give you real options and practical tools tailor- made for you;  your life and your goals.

Some of our clients come to us for help with:

  • Improving their relationships

  • Coping with changes to relationships – separation/ divorce; death of a spouse/ partner; establishing new relationships; re-marriage; the arrival of children; blended families

  • Starting out – pre-marriage counselling to make the best start possible

  • Parenting – young children, adolescents, assessment of school-age children

  • Pre & Post Adoption

  • Adult Adoptees

  • Workplace stress/ coping with demanding workload

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss – miscarriage, sudden death of an infant/ child, stillbirth, loss of a loved one

  • Adult survivors of Sexual/ Physical / Emotional Abuse

  • Reinvention after Workplace Redundancy

  • Finding and Achieving Life Goals – improving your life and achieving your dreams for ultimate happiness.


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